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Metropolitan Chicago honorary ambassador child Chase

Sensitivity Training

Sensitivity Training offers an interactive, hands-on simulated experience of various physical and mental challenges and is designed to promote awareness in staff members working with children with special needs.  Training participants engage in activities addressing limitations in auditory processing, visual/perceptual skills, fine and gross motor skills, cognitive skills and motor planning.   Participants are also led by an instructor that is purposely less than patient and imposes time constrictions and unrealistic expectations.  The rationale of this approach is to allow participants to discuss alternative options of approaching children with special needs and brainstorm and share ideas for making appropriate accommodations and adaptations that may be necessary.  

There is also a component that addresses family issues surrounding what parenting and caretaking a child with disabilities may entail. This important component offers a compassionate, empathetic approach to family involvement and teaches staff members to be patient, supportive and understanding.  It has been mentioned that this training benefits individuals working with any child, as it is often disregarded that everyone is different and all children are entitled to an environment that is conducive to their learning needs to ensure maximal success.  

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