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Metropolitan Chicago honorary ambassador child Chase

Easter Seals Gilchrist-Marchman
Child Development Center

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Learn more about our NAEYC Accreditation, the mark of quality for early childhood programs

      • Full-day, full-year inclusive early childhood educational
        services for children six-weeks to five-years old
      • NAEYC and CARF accredited
      • Three star rating in the Quality Rating System (QRS)
      • State certified, credentialed and bilingual teaching staff
      • Evidence based curriculum
      • Affordable tuition and subsidized child care options

Gilchrist-Marchman (GM) Child Development Center bases its program philosophy on the following principles:

  • Young children are complex individuals worthy of respect and the recognition that they are each unique, valuable and loveable
  • Each child comes to our program with a unique set of defining characteristics, including family background, abilities, temperament and learning styles
  • Positive relationships between children and adults are fundamental to a harmonious environment that promotes learning and growth
  • Good teachers actively promote positive outcomes for all children through thoughtful assessment, well planned and implemented curriculum and effective teaching practices
  • Families matter, as they influence their own children’s development and as our partners in program planning, administration, teaching and evaluation.  We integrate family culture, values and hopes in our practices to maximize children’s experiences
  • Provision and support of all aspects of children’s development (social-emotional, language, cognitive and physical) through an individualized planning model that promotes opportunities  for children to have successful transitions into kindergarten
  • Our program supports the community by helping families maximize their resources
  • We value all children and create an environment that fosters acceptance, respect, and the appreciation of individual differences

For more information, please contact:
Morayma Cancel, Interim Manager
Phone: 312-492-7402 ext 222
Email: Mcancel@eastersealschicago.org

"I really enjoy the respect and hard work that my children's teachers use to make sure they keep my family involved in what's going on."

"[My child] has continued to excel academically. I am impressed and very happy with his progress."

"The teachers in my son's room communicate the expectations, goals and direction that they have for their class and the benefits behind such objectives."

"Their curriculum I think is excellent. It’s great to see a 'true' center actually applying the NAEYC guidelines for learning. Awesome!"

"I understand that no school is perfect but I am extremely happy with Easter Seals Gilchrist Marchman center for trying so hard every single day to come close to being Perfect. They are amazing in every aspect. Happy to have been with them for many years."

"I really enjoy and am pleased with the wonderful work this center does with my child and our family. It's very caring and works diligently to provide any service to help meet the needs of my family. I wish this center had an extended elementary school. Fantastic! Highly recommended."

"Love the teachers, they are caring and attentive to my child and family."

 From Our Gilchrist-Marchman Child Development Center Families

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